Language Music Essay Example

Language Music Essay Example

… Edition¡¦s enhancements over Windows 2000 Professional include:
„h Improved software and hardware compatibility
„h Simplified security
„h Simplified log-on featuring new “welcome” screen
„h Fast user switching
„h A new user interface featuring context-sensitive, task-oriented Web views
„h Enhanced support for digital media (movies, pictures, music)
„h DirectX 8.1 multimedia libraries for gaming.
However, XP Home Edition lacks many features for the business market that XP Professional provides. XP Professional edition provides additional remote access, security, performance, manageability and multi-language features that make it the best operating choice for business communications. However, most consumers …

… any network connection. Most home users will not need Professional¡¦s security features such as the ability to limit access to network resources and C2 certification. While Professional can support two microprocessors, most users have only one. Consumers will also not require Professional¡¦s group management features or multi-language support.

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