Lascaux Cave Essay Sample

Lascaux Cave Essay Sample

A look at the styles of prehistoric cave art and how the interpretations have been discussed from shamanic paintings to symbology for hunting grounds.

… animals are not depicted on the paintings.
Finally there are an abundance of horses which outnumber the other animals, horses were often part of the diet of Palaeolithic man but they were not a major ingredient although bones were found at various type sites.
. In looking at the old cave paintings of primitive man we can ascertain what they were trying to communicate or whether they were just there as an aesthetic form of art work. If for example we take a simple understanding that has been used throughout the decades by numerous anthropologists and archaeologists that the cave paintings …

… a primitive form of writing. This may seem ludicrous to many anthropologists but when one looks at the writing of Egypt and the Hieroglyphs or the Kanji and pictographs of China and Japan the idea is not so ludicrous.
By looking at a simple painting from the caves of Lascaux it can be seen that a certain message is being passed out. Possibly saying animals are here hunting ground and many kills.
In some ways the paintings could be a symbolic form of writing. The stick men with the spears are hunters. The bison and horses could be a representative …

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