Leadership Communication Essay

Leadership Communication Essay

Leadership communication reports are prepared for business audiences. These individuals expect long and detailed documents. The content and organization of the report are usually dictated by the style of the company, type of report and the standards of the industry. The leaders of the organization are expected to prepare reports with the purpose of informing, persuading or instructing.

One example of a report that seeks to inform the audience is the progress report. The progress report contains an outline of the project status. It also reflects the completed and remaining work to be done on the project. The progress report seeks to inform the audience about the status of a certain project. A communication report that seeks to inform is the policy report. It contains a summary of guidelines and regulations for employee behavior. Policy reports contain instructions on how employees should conduct themselves in the workplace. A company annual report seeks to persuade certain individuals within or outside of the organization. The annual report contains the financial performance of the company. It is produced to persuade or encourage potential investors and analysts. The annual report also includes the mission, vision, goals and future plans of the company (Barett 2005).

The reports mentioned above differ from a formal report. A formal report follows a standard format and must contain a table of contents. The table of contents will show how the formal report is organized. It also allows users to get a glimpse of the overall content of the report and select only topics that are relevant to them. One of the most common leadership communication reports is the proposal. It can also be written as a formal report following the standard format or it may be written like a formal letter. The proposal contains an introduction, statement of needs and benefits, scope, method, task and time breakdown, costs, qualifications and acceptance clauses. The formal report contains a preface, cover, title page, table of contents, executive summary, introduction, discussion and appendix (Barett 2005). Usually formal reports and proposals are very detailed and organized.

The leader of the business must know how to prepare leadership communication reports because they are important to the organization. The purposes of the communication reports can be easily achieved by preparing organized and effective reports. Leaders should remember that these reports are not only for their own use but to other external parties who have substantial interests in doing business with them.


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