Leadership In Law Enforcement Essay

Leadership In Law Enforcement Essay

In our effort to find ways to improve and develop, we came across opportunities that create the necessary avenues for us to be trained and educated. We see this as a necessary component in expanding our capabilities as a professional and renewing our outlook in the careers we chose. Despite the challenges and setbacks associated with these processes, it is vital to use these experiences to hone our skills and be more dedicated in pursuing our goal. With this mindset, I wish to express my intention to participate in the New Leader Program (GS 7-11).

I believe that for us to become effective leaders, we must constantly find ways to widen service to other people. It is through this process that we can learn and acquire relevant competencies to fulfill the necessary roles and responsibilities associated in the position. By immersing myself in this initiative, I deem to develop new strategies and gain insights that can hone my capabilities as a public servant and a leader.

Looking at my work experience, I am currently associated with the Department of Homeland Security as an Immigration and Enforcement Agent and previously as Borders and Protection Officer. During my service to the government, I had been tasked to comply with the laws and mandates of the United States as far as immigration and border protection is concerned. These experiences allowed me to be keen and adaptive not only to the administrative responsibilities associated in the position but also in handling and managing people appropriately. I had also immersed myself in the study of my field as this is an important component to consider especially for my position as a public servant.

At the same time, my capabilities as a leader have been stimulated by my participation in different group dynamics. One example is my involvement with the Special Response Team (SRT) wherein highly skilled critical response team was made up of highly trained and skilled individuals. It was in here that I valued the essence of cooperation and how a leader can serve as a catalyst for success or failure. Likewise, this also allowed each one to make complex decision making processes that are relevant to the success of a mission. I believe that these training allowed me to discover both my potential as a leader and follower.

With these, I hope that the admissions committee considers my application. I have shown my passion to learn and improve as a public servant. Allowing me to be further educated and trained, I can be of better service to other people and a better leader for my subordinates. At the same time, my participation in the program can greatly help me increase my capabilities not only in enhancing my leadership style but also encouraging me to adapt to the trends of the 21st century policing.

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