Leadership Models Essay

Leadership Models Essay

Leadership is a very important factor of management which has different meanings to different authors. Leadership is the art and process of influencing the people or organized groups so that they strive willingly do what the leader wants them to do. It does not only mean the passion to work but also includes the passion to work with confidence. As such, it is important that a person is able to know what type of leadership model he or she falls under in order to effectively utilize such skill.

In the section of people orientation, it was found that I scored a very high score in that category since I had 9 versus the normal score of 7. This category, which determines the strengths with people interactions and filling the need of individual members, is quite characteristic of my leadership model. The reason for this is that I have found that I tend to encourage people to be happy when they work. Although this is problematic when dealing with inexperienced members, when dealing with more experienced people who perform their jobs satisfactorily this is quite an advantage.

On top of this, I scored a 91 on my LPS which denote that I am a relationship oriented leader who is interested in developing and maintaining positive interpersonal relationship with followers. This democratic style of leadership had been illustrated by Fiedler terms of three dimensions and Leader-member relations such as the degree of confidence, trust, and respect members have in their leader. As has been shown the open communication that goes on and the feedback process allow the leader to be more flexible with management styles. While the my leadership style is often described as participative and is generally the style preferred by modern management and employees, the leaders who use this style tend to share authority with their employees, involving them in decision making or organizational planning. I tend to show concern for my employees, especially in matters that directly affect them in the workplace. This is the leadership style that lets the employees or people participate actively and show their potential in order for them to achieve their own goals.

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