Leading Countries Essay

Leading Countries Essay

At the end Cold War and after the World War II, the rivalry for attaining world economic power has been opened to all most influence countries in the world. The collapsed of Soviet Union became the start for the United States and the United Kingdom (England) influenced on the military, political and specifically economic control. Both countries built united citizens, tough republic, strong economy, and physically powerful military forces. No country in the rest of the world leveled the achievements of these countries and advancement of their technology. Also United States and England influenced the economy, culture and traditions of many developed and developing countries in the world. The United States and England have oil investments, has acquired vast lands and properties around the globe. In addition, these countries had all the connections in terms of political control, natural resources and alliances of other countries in the world. In recent years, the United States transformed many of the countries in Asia to a democratic country as well as the United Kingdom. Both countries flagged education as passport to the country’s penetration to other countries. Expansion of their territories leads to an increased in wealth of their own countrymen. Two hundred years ago, 13 colonies of Great Britain issued the Declaration of Independence, which lead to the foundation of the United States. Long before, the United Kingdom controlled the world’s economic power before the rise of the United States. During and after the Second World War, the United States economy overwhelms the economy of United Kingdom, becoming the world’s economic sole superpower. Until today, both countries stabilized their economic influence to the world through penetration to the world’s businesses, (i.e. oil, call center, IT, etc.), entertainment, and other culture and traditions. The Depression that is experienced today in the United States and United Kingdom affects most countries, which illustrate how both countries economies reflects around the globe (Berdnarz, 2005).


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