Learning Disability In Children Essay

Learning Disability In Children Essay

Learning disability is a problem that affects people of all ages; it is basically caused by a disturbance in the brain that hinders the individual’s ability to concentrate. Compared to other psychological disorders, learning disability can be handled if the root cause is established. Children with such a problem can be best handled when placed in an environment where they will be monitored strictly. Any psychological imbalance may intensify their problem which raises the need for them to be placed in a different environment from their counterparts with behavioral disorders.

Learning Disability In Children

A learning disability in children is characterized by their inability to concentrate. They usually have the potential to perform well when they are put in an environment that will boost their level of concentration. Children with behavioral disorders and retardation may have no problem with concentration. Those that are retarded may not be able to perform well even when they are put in an appropriate learning environment (Burke, 2000). Those with behavioral problem may be affected in their academic progress due to their social issues. Considering the disparity in their problems, it will be appropriate for the children with learning disabilities to be placed in a different education environment.

Children with Learning disability cannot comprehend tasks which make them unable to solve problems, they also have a poor memory, they cannot apply the knowledge learned in class to other issues, they have law self esteem and show little interest in school work. Such children need maximum attention for them to perform well. Their disability which is mainly related to their inability to concentrate may be intensified if they are allowed to mingle with other children with social issues. They need to be placed in an environment that will motivate them to work harder (Valett, 1969).

Compared to children with other disorders, these children only need a stimulus in their brain that will make them pay attention to what they are doing. Such a re-channeling may take time to establish but once it is established, the problem will be permanently solved.Their inability to concentrate may be psychological which means that when the root cause is dealt with, they will be motivated to work harder. They need an educational environment where their needs will be dealt with on an individual basis and their concentration level constantly monitored.


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