Learning And Memory Essay

Learning And Memory Essay

Since time immemorial, people have used the methods to improve or expand the memory. Often with impressive results: there are well-documented cases of  people who have to memorize the entire Koran or the telephone catalog without having to have a photographic memory. Any one can actually do this with some easy ways to obtain effective memory and study skills, and memory
technologies can memorize surprizing amounts of information. Memory technology is based on the use of various ”tricks” to gain the maximum benefit from the memory. Tricks based on how memories are stored and what makes certain memories that are clear and easy to remember, while others are quickly forgotten. By ”design” memory images can draw the facts of
memory quickly, effectively and permanently. The memory technology is to learn a few facts, the study seeks to understand them. The more you learn, the more connection can be created and the more meaningful are the facts we know. You can see it as Lego-building: memory technology allows us to collect Lego pieces, while the study will help us bring them together into a useful
(or fun) way.

In order for us to use our memory to the maximum, we must be aware of how it works, how we store, recall and forget information. By exploiting its strengths and circumvent weaknesses, we can significantly increase our learning and recall-ability. The memory is associative: the idea of something makes us to remember other things associated with this, and these may in turn lead to further associations. Associations need not be aware, but often depends on things you have ”in mind” or that is in the environment. By deliberately creating associative memory it can be improved significatly, as it will be easier to obtain in a memory you need and to link it to other memories.

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