Learning And Retrieval Essay

Learning And Retrieval Essay

I can help myself improve my learning by finding associations with a certain lesson with activities or finding relations of a lesson with my environment. For example, a study on shielding and penetration of electrons is a little difficult to comprehend. Studying it by what the book tells about it makes it tiresome to study shielding and penetration. However, when relating electrons as people on a crowded place, it becomes easier to understand the principle of shielding and penetration. It also becomes easier to retrieve the information since the learning was not based on the text that was on the book but by images and the logic associated with it.

Cognitive learning works that way. Learning isn’t that effective when with conditioning only. Learning becomes more effective and empowered when we actually feel or experience it. It also becomes easier for us to remember the information we get when cognitive learning is applied (ThinkQuest, nd).

For the case mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to wait for me to experience and feel it before I could learn about shielding and penetration, so I would have to apply cognitive learning, particularly making models and associating it with real life experiences and with my environment.

It becomes easier to retrieve information when one actually experienced it because it forms a memory which is stored in long terms (Niell, nd). In the first case, there are no actual experiences but it can still make a memory since I have made images in my mind and these images are easier to retrieve than words or texts from the book. According to the picture superiority effect, visual information are likely to be coded twice so it becomes a good memory.


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