Learning The Ropes Essay

Learning The Ropes Essay

In making a marketing outline for a specific good or service, especially considering that the customers one is trying to sell to pass a specific budget, one must be able to adjust various marketing strategies in order to fit certain situations. In the case study that has been provided to us where Matt was going to propose a better alternative as opposed to the competition that has already had the advantage of being able to propose first for the customers, the planning, delivery, and over all marketing of the product was effective to say the least.

The first question that is addressed by the case is that what are the specific planning mechanisms and processes that Matt had made that were positive and were beneficial for his company, and what were the areas for improvement that Matt could have initiated in the planning process and the delivery and marketing of the good to improve it.

At least, with respect to planning, Matt he was a very essential trick and method in advertising which is to be prepared for the various questions and probable problems that the clients would be asking with respect to the product. We must remember that in the case, there was already a company which the school and customer was considering because they had been first in the proposal of the project. In the timing and execution phase of the marketing of the project, Matt, in the very beginning, had already made any good move and positive impression on the clients by indicating that they had a certain passion in common. In fact, in the discipline of marketing goods and services, it is a ready a textbook method to find a specific personal connection between the seller, the products, and the clients when trying to make a sale. In this instance, Matt initiated and highlighted that they were both in the same seminar for physical education — indicating that his interest was not only to make a point of sales for his product but also that the over all business and delivery of the goods as a whole is included in the passion either through the representative Matt or through the company itself. It was also a good strategy for Matt to indicate that being in the same seminar and conference meant that such passion was shared between customer and provider. It is also a good move not to indicate that the competition — the competition which already had an initial advantage over him because they had already quoted a point of sales for the customer — was not in that seminar. Doing so could have lost them immediately the proposed project because the client may have moral values and standards that included fair competition and fair play in business without a crabbed entelechy structure of bringing down competition in a direct way.

Another positive trait that was reflected by Matt in his sales is that he did not try to sell the product over the phone, but rather suggested that although the customers already had a offering from the competition, that perhaps they could give him time to propose an alternative service that the company he represents may provide. By doing so, Matt highlighted the importance of being able to meet the clients face-to-face and in the actual place where the project would be done — indicating yet again that his purpose was not purely to sell immediately but also to have the best value both from the point of view of the company and from the perspective of the clients.

In fact, the case indicated that he was relatively early. Especially in a marketing relationship where there is a risk of alternative competition, clients usually associate various actions and sellers that should not be taken into consideration in a business venture to be essential aspects of the sale. For example, being late in a specified and agreed upon meeting could have indicated to the client that the business process also involves late delivery of goods and services. By being early, Matt was not only able to prepare various species of precipitation that could be shown to clients indicates that the requested it, but also make sure that the clients feel important and the marketing relationship becomes leveraged towards the client by not allowing them to wait for the representative of sales.

However, perhaps an alternative action that Matt could have done with respect to this concept is that he could have stayed that specific place where they agreed upon to meet. Settling in another place and checking in once in a while if his customers have already arrived provides an avenue for doubt and excitement which is difficult especially from the point of view of clients who might think that such salesmen are too eager to implement a sales process. However, this is only a minor detail and it is already a very complicated psychological process to consider especially in the case that this is the first meeting of a marketing aspect of customer and seller relationship.

Yet another positive response and method from the point of view of marketing and sales that Matt has done right in the process was to provide various alternatives and explanations to the goods and service that he is providing as opposed to the competition that had a ready coated and indicated what kind of products that they would be delivering to the clients. In fact, one specific scenario was the indication of installing a fixed pole for the ropes rather than integrating the natural surroundings for the use. Again, although he did not blatantly specify it, his implications and proven scenarios that there is a probability for accidents in the case that the ropes would be installed in trees showed that the competition did not have enough experience and enough relevant data to know that such instances may be able to occur in real world scenarios. Especially the case that the clients would use the product for an academic institution where the safety of the children that would be using such sources for physical education, Matt had identified without blatantly expressing that they are company cared more not only for making sales but also for the safety of the customers of his customer as well. In the process of doing this, he indicated a non-complicated scenario of accumulated costs to repairs and maintenance which even nonstudents of business and none practitioners may be able to relate to and understand.

As with any other business pros all, the main objection that clients may be able to point to are the additional costs that are required for that service as opposed to service that has already been proposed earlier by the competition. However, again, as we have indicated, Matt was able to address such an objection by being able to indicate the savings that clients may be able to make by addressing a one time cost us oppose not only to the health risks and costs of accidents that may be faced by installing the ropes on the surrounding trees but to fixed polls. Such objections, although necessary from the point of view of clients, was easily addressed by Matt by showing that he understood the business of the school which had a continuous revenue stream and had bouts of income during and enrollment periods and low revenues during the year.

However, we may be able to point out that an alternative method for Matt to conclude the meeting was for him to indicate not only future conversations with the staff of the school but also insist upon a meeting time for discussing further business ventures as installing the ropes for the school. Although this might be a risky process because it again reflects the necessity of Matt to make a point of sale, it at least guarantees him that he would already be addressing future sales for the clients. Looking at the case, it is already relatively obvious that the client would be making use of his service and by indicating a specified future date for transacting the sales, he would secure a more immediate installation of goods and be able to immediately increase the revenues for his company. This also allows for the school to make a promise – although not blatantly – to use Matt’s service instead of the competition’s.

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