Learning Style

Learning Style

Learning and accumulation of pertinent knowledge is essential in every individual as it is a part of the whole education process. A person utilizes various learning styles which are the common ways and means on how a person maximizes learning. Some people find a particular learning style dominant of other learning styles. The learning style that a person uses guides how he or she acquires bits of knowledge and the way one recalls information (Advanogy.com, 2007).

My dominant learning style based on the test results is auditory/verbal learning style. I tend to learn information quickly when it is presented orally or auditory. Here, the sense of hearing is the main tool for learning. When recalling certain information, you often recall things on how you heard them or when you said it out loud. People with this particular learning style learn best through interpersonal communication.

In a classroom setting, I best understand a lesson when it is carefully explained by the teacher or my peers. I learn best the lesson when the teacher explains each concept and its relationship with the lesson. When studying, I tend to read my notes to myself. Through these ways, I tend to do best in school. When I hear the concepts, it is easier for me to remember it during exams or tests.

I would like to try to study with friends that will help me in recalling information by reading to me aloud and will explain things to me. The study partner will help me do better in subjects that I have difficulty learning. This addition to my study routine will help me memorize or learn more information. However, the study partner that I will choose has to have the similar schedule for it may be hard to find time to conduct a group study. Finding a study buddy may pose some challenges, the study partner should also be someone whom you will get along with other things such as in hobbies and sports.


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