How To Lessen Absenteeism Of A Children Essay Example

How To Lessen Absenteeism Of A Children Essay Example

… set by NAEYC to provide quality care for children and peace of mind for employees. In fact, The Cost, Quality, and Child Outcomes in Child Care Centers Study ¡V which examined the influence of child care on development over four years ¡V showed that high-quality care positively predicts children¡¦s cognitive and behavioral performance well into their school experience. When working parents know that their children are taken care of in a high-quality setting, they can better focus on work. (Yang)
Employer-sponsored child care solves the dilemmas that working parents face in their quest for a solution …

… are the benefits to the employer? There are several which include:
„X Greater Employee Job Satisfaction and Performance
„X Recruitment and Retention Made Easier
„X Absenteeism Decreased/Employee Productivity Increased
„X Turnover Reduced
Employer-sponsored child care programs generate a powerful return on investment. By driving down turnover, reducing absenteeism, and increasing productivity on the job, child care and work/life programs are not only an investment in employees, but an investment in the success of the companies that institute them. In fact, after the first year of employment, most employee turnover occurs among the parents of young children. (Hamburg …

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