The Life Of Pocahontas Essay Sample

The Life Of Pocahontas Essay Sample

… but Pocahontas is a historical figure representing small group of people who care deeply about the most famous person in their history and not getting it right upset a lot of people. During Pocahontas’ generation, Powhatan’s people were decimated and dispersed and their lands were taken over. A clear pattern had been set which would soon spread across the American continent.
“Disney makes ‘entertainment’ and perpetuates …

… the health of the planet, not be more showcased? For every Fern Gully film there are 10 films like Hercules or Tarzan. While most films can’t be as straightforward as Fern Gully, the message can be subtle. The Lion King, in its own way teaches children to respect nature and “the cycle of life.” Unfortunately, Hollywood is ruled by the almighty dollar. When films like Toy …

… t seem to find time to focus on more “down to earth” issues.
American students today are visually oriented; therefore, animated films are very appropriate teaching tools. Animation can give a rain forest life. When we something as a living creature we tend to care more for its well-being. Unfortunately, as long as Hollywood calls the shots, animated films, as teaching tools to save the planet …

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