On Line Essay Sample

On Line Essay Sample

… between right and wrong. Most fitness professionals know not to cheat their clients, sell faulty products and make false recommendations. But there are some other more complicated codes of ethics that may require more thought from industry professionals.

One of the biggest ethical concerns for fitness professionals is the line between encouraging clients and misrepresenting results. Personal trainers risk misrepresenting themselves in results, knowledge and products.

In the fitness industry, there are many “fitness experts” who hold not true claim to the title. Just because a trainer prints up a business card doesn’t give him/her an expert status …

… ” explains that in Chinese culture, to use the word “I” in writing “would give people the impression of being disrespectful of the Communist Party in political writings and boastful in scholarly writings”.

However, Americans are more likely to write from a unique perspective and they are used to reading essays written from an individual perspective. Shen recalls being encouraged by her American instructors to “be yourself” and says that “the first and probably biggest step” she took in learning to write in an American style was learning “to accept the words ‘I’ and ‘self’ as something glorious.”

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