The Link Between Freelancing & Ghostwriting

The Link Between Freelancing & Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the practice of hiring a professional writer and paying them to write something under another person’s name. This is a common practice for people interested in publishing the written word without the personal writing skill to pull it off. Frequently used in the publishing of memoirs and biographies, ghostwriting is also used to write plenty of other work including articles and blog posts.


A popular way to generate traffic to a website, experts submit articles to online article directories to enhance their readership and grow their own email lists. Of course, not every expert with a website is a talented writer. This is even it becomes necessary to hire the services of a freelance writer. Unfortunately, allowing the freelancer to post the work under their own name would take away the benefit of acquiring new traffic to the expert’s website or business. Being seen as an expert, and having SEO driven articles online, is a great way to acquire new customers.


Another trend in freelancing is ghostwriting for blogs. Every website looking to make an impact and connect with their audience implements the use of a blog. The blog allows companies to participation in permission based marketing. Visitors who subscribe to the blog are giving the business permission to connect with them on a regular basis. This type of connection with consumers is invaluable and great blogs are certain to never leave a blog stagnant or without updates. However, the people who run the business are busy with daily operations and may not have time to keep the blog running efficiently. Hiring a freelance writer to keep the blog updated gives the web page a writing professional dedicated to maintaining the company’s presence with its audience.


Self publishing is really becoming successful since the invention of the tablet. Tablets are attractive to people for their ability to be multi-functional. Many tablet users also do double duty with their iPads and tablets by using them as ebook readers. This has opened up the market for ebooks dramatically. Not only that, but the Internet Marketing trend that is so popular right now trains markets to offer an ebook for free to help but help their email lists. Someone needs to be writing all of these ebooks, and a ghostwriting freelance writer is the perfect fit.

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