Why Listen To Music Essay Sample

Why Listen To Music Essay Sample

… millions of records. Although Hip-Hop and Rap music appeals to a younger generation, people of all ages enjoy Hip-Hop and Rap music. Hip-Hop music is very energizing and motivating to listen to.
Some people complain about the lyrics that are used in popular Rap music, but most people enjoy Hip-Hop music because of the accented drumbeat and bass. However, it is true that …

… offended, to listen to. This type of music is really popular with club dancers, professional jazz and hip-hop dancers, and choreographers.
The accented drumbeats of Hip-Hop do inspire creativity. This is why Hip-Hop music has progressed over time. Professional cheerleaders and dancers (especially basketball cheerleaders), style of dancing and choreography has drastically changed because of Hip-Hop music. The entire technical dance moves such …

… attempted to ban from the radio stations. The same people who are complaining about the popular music now, can remember when many religious leaders, not to long ago, considered his or her favorite music satanic or evil. Religious leaders saw an opportunity that they may possibly be glorified by downgrading something that was real popular. If the music were as negative as they try to make it …

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