Lust By Susan Minot Gender Differences Essay Sample

Lust By Susan Minot Gender Differences Essay Sample

.. society. In the three decades since, the Movement has been represented by many different personalities and heralded a broad spectrum of priorities. As well, Women’s Liberation has undergone dramatic change and evolution, not only in terms of leadership and focus, but also relative to vision and impact.
Using Susan Brownmiller’s personal account of this era, In Our Time: Memoirs of a Revolution, the following analysis will examine these changes, and offer a summary of the Women’s Liberation Movement and its history to date.
In the beginning years of the Women’s Liberation Movement, participants were aggressively planning …

… 1960’s and 70’s gave way to a more intellectualized, academic pursuit in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Issues relating to family law, welfare reform, pay inequity in the workplace and women and poverty are being debated in academic settings and challenged by politicians. Studies exploring gender differences and aggression and female developmental psychology are helping society to grow its understanding and appreciation of feminist considerations. But the energy displayed in the 1960’s, and the drive that mobilized feminists of that era, echoes distantly in the past.
One might conclude that the Women’s Liberation Movement …

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