Lvmh Ethical Behaviour Essay Sample

Lvmh Ethical Behaviour Essay Sample

… businesspeople and the historically altruistic behaviour of many businesspeople can be explained in several ways. First, the stereotype of unethical and self-absorbed businesspeople may be somewhat inaccurate. Our media tends to portray only the bad news, like misconduct in Enron or WorldCom, but does not to show ethical behaviour by businesspeople. However, a large number of businesses contribute greatly to causes like homelessness, the environment, health and education (Kelly).
Second, our society tends to see success in financial and competitive terms, rather than in terms of social justice and community. As such, our culture celebrates the financial successes of …

… , and altruistic behavior can simply be seen as a separation of the private and business sphere. While business people may behave in a seemingly conservative and unethical manner in the business world, it is entirely possible that their behavior in the private arena is held to a very different ethical standard. As such, it would be entirely consistent for J. Thomas Stevenson to support Webster in the business arena, yet actively reject Webster’s ideas in a more personal sphere.

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