M A Culture Essay Sample

M A Culture Essay Sample

… that is incorporated on core values and principles. The essence of innovation gush through 3M. In every department of 3M, in every operating business, and at every one of their locations throughout the world, we can easily sense the essence of innovation in their work. There are immense opportunities in the air every day at 3M.
It’s part of their atmosphere of innovation, which ranges from the excitement and anticipation of knowing the next new product discovery or technological eureka. The company advocate to the idea that innovation does not happen by accident; rather, it comes from a culture that supports it and senior managers who work hard to uphold it.

The 3M culture is intentionally designed to nurture innovation. One of many management practices that encourage a culture of innovation is, for instance, the 15 per cent Rule under which craving innovators with a concept discarded by management can keep on working on it invoking the rule. Another rule is The Benevolent Blind Eye, which demands from 3M managers to be receptive of such unveiling of independence.

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