Macbeth Character Progress Essay Sample

Macbeth Character Progress Essay Sample

… does, after the murder of Duncan. However, as the true moral nature of Macbeth begins to decline, Lady Macbeth herself begins to fade in the drama. Just as the witch spurred her on with words and the Lady gave voice to what her husband dared not speak, as his character grows more bloody, Lady Macbeth becomes more mad and detached from him. Finally, she dies off stage, only a scream of suicide, after a guilty mad scene of hand washing. Without his desire to rule jointly with her, she literally dies and dies as a character.
Bel-Imperia also functions …

… Macbeth, Bel-Imperia undertakes a murder out of a desire for good, for vengeance. However, unlike Lady Macbeth, the bloodshed only energies her and makes her a more rather than less autonomous actor, because she functions as a force of justice, rather than of unjust death. Also unlike Lady Macbeth, Bel-Imperia uses the power she gleans through sexuality to exercise personal choice, to refuse the hand of her lover’s murderer, and to bring the tragedy to its full moral climax of revenge.
Thus women function as the mirrors of society they live in. Living in supernatural and bloody …

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