Macbeth Controversy Thesis Essay Example

Macbeth Controversy Thesis Essay Example

Thesis: The Wagner Act played an instrumental role in the formation of labor rights for American Citizens. The Act proved to be an essential stepping stone for trade unions as we know them today. Though the original act was met with fanfare there are many that believe that the Act needs to be reformed to meet todays changing labor market.
The Wagner Act was created in 1935 and named after Senator Robert Wagner and is also known as the National Relations Labor Act. (“National Labor Relations Act”) My investigation found that the purpose of the act was to allow …

… created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which prohibited employment discrimination based on sex, race, or ethnic origin.


Annotated Bibliography

Block, Richard N. Reforming Labor Law. USA Today Magazine. March, 1999

This reference came from the USA Today Magazine. The article was very informative and explained the controversy associated with The Wagner Act in recent year. The author is very concise and provided various examples of the controversy.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. U.S. Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a branch of the US …

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