Macbeth Hero Or Villan Essay Sample

Macbeth Hero Or Villan Essay Sample

… Isolation in Carlyle, Stoker, The Country Wife, and Pope
The critic Thomas Carlyle stands as the very epitome of English critical theory. But ironically, Bram Stoker’s character Dracula stands as an excellent example of the horrors of isolation that is depicted in that English author’s literary essay on the nature of the human condition of ostracism. Stoker’s created hero is cast off from society, a social isolate. Dracula possesses a quality envied by many, namely the ability to live forever. However, because the count knows no being with which he can formulate an equal relationship, he exists …

… the unattainable becomes a melodrama of pilfering a curl, rather than a drama of the isolated, miserable self. However, even in Pope there is a sense, however humorous, of the sadness of being unable to possess another human being as an entry into a particular society. Like Dracula, the hero is unable to enjoy another human being as he wishes and like the husband of “The Country Wife” as well he inflicts harm upon the woman in an attempt to isolate her the context of her social world.

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