Macbeth S Fate Versus Free Will Essay Sample

Macbeth S Fate Versus Free Will Essay Sample

… we make, thus having free will, a requirement for being morally accountable for an action. But if determinism is true, and we people have no control over the choices they make, then free will does not exist. Therefore, people cannot legitimately be held morally accountable for anything.
If the determinist argument is accepted and human behavior is assumed to be a consequence of external factors rather than …

… increased or diminished by wish or labor. The idea of being free begins when people become conscious of how they limit themselves and their destinies to any of the confines of the presumed fate that we have already accepted. It is taking place not only when they are aware that it is existent, but when they are convinced that they can redirect themselves from what we believe …

… he or she is even born, so there’s no sense in making an effort. Whatever will be will be, whatever the person does or doesn’t do.
Between free will’s possibilities versus determinism’s certainties, it might be true to say that the environment is ultimately responsible for the way destinies are perceived. It is up to the individuals themselves to view how the human …

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