Macbeth Themes Of Betrayal And Blindness Essay Sample

Macbeth Themes Of Betrayal And Blindness Essay Sample

… here that while the story has been interpreted in several different ways, its true interpretation depends on the reader himself. This is because there isn’t one theme or subject, but several different themes tied together to create a great plot.
The two significant ideas I found highly interesting and worth pondering can also be studied as the play’s dominant themes. These ideas are betrayal and …

… yells at her for this kind of behavior, “Go, then! Then go to the movies-you selfish dreamer!” without realizes that her own attitude is also reproachable.
Another important idea is that of betrayal. It appears that both female characters were in some manner victims of betrayal by males and this was one reason why they had stopped socializing. The father of the two young characters Tom …

… the world of these women and leaves them at the mercy of their circumstances.
The conclusion that emerges from the above-mentioned ideas is that running away from reality never solves any problems and it is thus important to learn survival skills without depending on anyone. In short, these ideas give birth to an extremely important conclusion i.e. to be truly happy we must not depend …

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