Machiavelli Hitler Army Essay Sample

Machiavelli Hitler Army Essay Sample

… had been no systemic preparation” (p. 88). The Red Army “held up but could not halt the German’s” (p. 87).

7. The German success in the initial phase of the invasion was stunning, but several factors contributed to the failure to complete the campaign by Dec. 1941. First, Hitler ordered a change in the direction of one Army group in August. He diverted a large number of troops to seize the Ukraine, in order to secure the “rich grain lands and mines and metal plants” that were part of his desire for “living space” (p. 91). The move was …

… as his deputy. Signaling his “gradual abdication from the role of military supreme” (p. 187). Stalin relinquished control over the military to Zhukov, and the Red Army General Staff instead of the Communist party military council (p. 188).

11. The Soviet Union won by adapting itself. During 1942, Red Army leaders began an overhaul of the “organization and technical quality of both the army and air force” (p. 190). Units were re-organized, the influences of political officers were reduced, and new modern tanks and aircrafts were fielded. Communications also improved.

12. Did the Soviet’s win or did the …

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