Machiavelli S General Approach Essay Sample

Machiavelli S General Approach Essay Sample

Comparative cognition is a psychological approach to learning that studies how animals process information. S.T. Boysen (1998) in his article presents the summary and review of different issues concerning this approach specifically in relation to animal learning. Pervious studies and researches were discussed and their findings were carefully explained to show how cognitive learning approach has evolved over the years and what it tells us about “information-processing, reasoning, memory, and the phylogenetic emergence of mind” in nonhuman species. Imitative behavior and the influence of imitation on learning capabilities of an animal have occupied the most important …

… a human-like capability to reach their target through shortest possible route.

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2) Zentall, Thomas R, (2002) A cognitive behaviorist approach to the study of animal behavior. , The Journal of General Psychology

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