Machiavellian Claudias Essay Sample

Machiavellian Claudias Essay Sample

… war and its orders and discipline…’ ” (Machiavelli 58)
To elucidate on the ruler’s abstaining from seizing his subjects’ property and women, Machiavelli teaches that avarice is never satisfied, but grows and controls the person who yields to it. That is why he advises against stealing or robbing someone else’s property and women (who are part of the property). If the ruler seizes such property and women, the avarice or covetousness will increase and essentially lead him to be hated by the subjects, and, thus, lose their loyalty and his ruler.
It must, then, be noted that being Machiavellian really means taking advantage of others’

loyalty, property and honor, even their lives – but at the opportune time and with the use of the best method. In other words, by shrewd calculation does Machiavelli see political leaders as perpetuating their rule.
And quite as cleverly, he outlines his principles to coincide with the Ten Commandments in an attempt at looking virtuous to his governed, such as avoiding violence, adultery, stealing, lying, coveting wives and other people’s property.

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