About The Mad Money Book Essay Example

About The Mad Money Book Essay Example

… are or were homeless. Each one has a different story, but each one wants desperately to get off welfare and have a home again. These people are hungry, depressed, and live in horrible conditions in the Welfare Hotels of New York City. It seems ridiculous that the city would pay so much money to the hotels, (up to $3,000 per month); when they could rent decent housing for these people and give them back some dignity while allowing them to get back on their feet. The homeless situation depicted here seems hopeless, and for many people it is. Perhaps …

… why it has to be that way. The book leaves the reader not only feeling depressed over the situations of these people, it leaves the reader even more depressed about the powers that be who keep allowing it to happen. People should not have to live is such conditions, and there should be somewhere for people to turn who are in desperate situations, such as the people interviewed in this book.

Kozol, Jonathan. Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1988.

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