Maguindanaon Phillipines Essay Sample

Maguindanaon Phillipines Essay Sample

.. The Philippines has an affluent cultural history that goes back to about one thousand years B.C. Chinese, Indian, Malayan, Siamese and Arabian cultures turned out to be segments of its deemed history and immigrants commuted to enrich the affluent trading exchange islands. (The Struggle for Philippine Independence) According to a mixture of legend, the people that we acknowledge today as Filipinos came from a single bamboo reed. It is proclaimed that from this seed came Malakas and Maganda, man and woman entity. It is legends such as these and the incongruous way of life that made the people who inhabited the pre-colonial Philippine islands. (The Philippines” UCLA Philippine History class 190c)

The visit of Ferdinand Magellan was one among the island’s first face with colonists. He was not fruit yielding; a Datu by the entitlement of Lapu-lapu fought and suppressed Magellan’s fleet. (The Philippines: UCLA Philippine History class 190c) Due to the fact that they had assembled societies, the Philippine islanders had authorities who officially generated treaties with the initial Spaniards who made a visit to the islands in 1521. Holy partakers of liaison between the Filipinos and the Spaniards were generated. Not reaping enough, …

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