Maitland Reverse Discrimination Essay Sample

Maitland Reverse Discrimination Essay Sample

… had not been discriminated in the past (predominately white males) being the objects of discrimination so that others could have jobs and educational opportunities based on race and gender.
The author argues that this would make things far worse, because white males would then decide to file their own discrimination claims, which would actually be justified. It is unfair to discriminate against anyone for any reason, unless there is a valid employment reason that is involved, and there are very few of those. For example, many religions believe that pastors or other religious leaders must be men. This is justified …

… realize that the laws are not designed to keep white males out of the workforce, or stop them from getting an education.
The author’s main ethical principle seems to be utilitarianism. The greatest amount of people will be helped by making sure that discrimination of any kind (including reverse discrimination) does not continue. He uses the arguments he makes to show why reverse discrimination will harm a large number of people, including those that it is designed to protect. This harm will come from the aggravation that others will feel when they notice the reverse discrimination, and also from …

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