Major Event In Life Essay Sample

Major Event In Life Essay Sample

… of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. Both rivers have significant tributaries in the region. The last major regional flood was in 1993. It did major damage, made whole towns uninhabitable, destroyed millions of acres of farm crops, isolated small communities, and disrupted railroads. However, there was little loss of life, and major support services such as fire, police and medical care, remained functional and were not overwhelmed by events.
Terrorist Attacks: St. Louis has a major public attraction, which is also a national park – the St. Louis Arch. It also has a major international airport that serves as the hub …

… been designated as emergency centers.
6. Health and medical: St. Louis has hospitals scattered through the cities and suburbs with multiple routes available to get to them. During an emergency, major arteries can be reserved for emergency personnel. There are no adequate plans if several major hospitals are incapacitated, as could happen from an earthquake.
7. Resource management: County and City governments would have to coordinate efficiently in the event of a region wide disaster, such as earthquake.

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