What Makes Good Teaching Essay Sample

What Makes Good Teaching Essay Sample

… Analyses of Teachings in “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran
“The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran is a book published in 1923 that discusses the different aspects of life and how these important elements will help an individual to lead a right path to good living. The book is divided into different stories, which are actually philosophical discourses about the elements of life. These elements includes love, joy and sorrow, friendship, freedom, and other important concepts man needed to understand or know through Gibran’s thoughts. This paper will analyze some of these stories with commentaries about the author’s message about …

… speaker of the story, Gibran decrees that pain must be taken and accepted even though this results to hurt and unpleasant feelings for an individual. “Teaching” is treated not as an activity of transmission, but of relation and interaction. Teaching is therefore is an idea that is subjective and independent from others’ human experience. It is also a passion that makes an individual wholeheartedly share it with others, as opposed to merely transmitting information/knowledge that is devoid of any commitment on both the sides of transmitter and transmitted. “Friendship,” meanwhile, is expressed as the “deepening of the spirit.” Furthermore, …

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