Man Of Adamant Summary Essay Sample

Man Of Adamant Summary Essay Sample

Raisin in the Sun is a drama with a clearly stated theme. It is the story of people in a Chicago tenement with dreams deferred. each of the characters is complete and has a dream and throughout the course of the drama it appears possible that the people will meet their dreams. What becomes so interesting about this play is that with such a clearly stated theme it …

… the human soul and destroy’s motivation. It is not just the system that eats people alive, but the sense of hopelessness and desperation of inescapable poverty and pride becomes almost false. In one line Walter Lee tries to maintain his dignity by explaining “My father almost beat a man to death once because this man called him a bad name,” and this explanation shows the entire element of the play. There is no materiality or physical being that can give these people pride but they still struggle and will use their rage to make themselves valuable while showing through …

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