Management Law and Employment Relations

Management Law and Employment Relations

In general, all the web sites provide essential and numerous information about various topics in business, labor, and laws. The web sites are not focusing on a limited group or sector. Rather, they were created to cater to and address the needs and inquiries of all people regardless of their profession. The web site of the United States Department of Labor, for example, has listed down various laws that apply to both employers and employees and even to the government and those unemployed. It has properly laid down the frequently asked questions for the convenience of the users. More importantly, it provides updates of laws, programs, activities, and trainings for the benefit of the employers, the employed, and the public as well. The employee benefits and other government assistance programs are also well-presented by the web sites for effective reference of the concerned employees.

I agree with the first and second post regarding their thoughts on the Small Business Administration web site. Not only it provides important information for business owners, but it is also primarily founded to assist a person with his or her business from the planning stage until the dissolution phase. The web site is very helpful because it draws down the steps, procedures, and varous obligations that a business owner needs to accomplish.

I also agree with the opinions on the web site on United States Bureau of Labor Statistics—that it has been transparent in presenting the status of employment and economy. Through this web site, the user can learn about the extent of the effects of the financial crisis. Apart from the information about the economy, it also provides updates that are helpful to the unemployed who are interested in attending trainings for advancement and greater opportunities to get a better job.

The web sites are also useful for students, lawyers, and people finding legal information. The website has an encompassing value because it provides variety of legal information which covers laws, courts, law firms, lawyers, etc. Aside from that, it has been made to be of use globally as it contains various information about the laws, courts, and law firms of all countries in the world. Hence, it is fascinatingly effective.

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