Management Of Objectives Essay Sample

Management Of Objectives Essay Sample

… customer’s specifications are outperforming them. They realize they must reorganize the way they do business in order to remain solvent. The company is running in to roadblocks, however, in the form of its own employees and management.
Management and Executive Objectives
The company needs the focus on specific management and executive developing objectives in an effort to reestablish a competitive edge. These objectives include boosting the morale of management and executives by showing the results of similar reorganizations of other companies. When management is optimistic about the future of the company, employees will feel confident about their jobs and there will be an increase in production.
The company can also look at sending managers and executives to classes that help them understand the reorganization of plants and will also give them additional skills to operate smaller, independent operations. Since most of these members of management have been dealing with a larger corporation, they may be lack the skills of how to make the smaller operation profitable.

Addressing the Implications
Mr. Parker needs to find ways to address these implications for the managers and executives. He can point out the positive aspects of attending the classes by illustrating the fact …

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