Managerial Accounting Essay Sample

Managerial Accounting Essay Sample

This is a three page Graduate school admission letter for one interested in pursuing a career in economics.
A Career Path
There are many careers available in the world today. One can be a doctor and perhaps discover a cure for cancer, a teacher who inspires the next President of the United States, or even an astronaut who may one day travel to Mars. I enjoy working with the numerous financial dealings of companies, making a career path in Economics the best choice for me. Currently there are few minorities choosing to major in Economics, however it …

… representative in a small business. I have extensive skills in Peachtree, AS/400, MS Excel, Account Reconciliation and A/P Billing, as well as training in Managerial and Financial Economics.
I feel I can enlighten others in what is involved in starting a business, as well as keeping it financially sound. I can provide insight in the banking and insurance industries, and inform my classmates what is expected of one pursuing an Accounting Degree. Not only will I be able to share my experiences, but also gain additional knowledge from the experiences of those around me, furthering my academic experience …

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