Managerial Communication Essay

Managerial Communication Essay

Communication is a very important tool in any organization. It is through communication that managers of an organization provide information that is necessary to the rest of the employees on how to get work done in an effective and efficient way. Communication is so vital to an organization that it is understood that the level of success of any organization depends on the communication strategies that have been deployed (Simons, 2002). Communication also is very important during recruitment and training off new employees. Usually the human resource department is the one that is charged with this responsibility in most organization. As the junior vice president of the organization, it implies that the kind of communication that will be given to the new employees is managerial.

When preparing to give a presentation to new employees, several factors have to be considered. The HR vice president has to consider that the way he communicates will influence the employees’ impression of the organization hence the attitudes they develop as this will be one of their first experiences at the organization (Simons, 2002). The HR vice president will have to tailor his presentation so that it fits the audience. Considering that t is a diverse audience, the HR vice president will have to use a language that is effective and appropriate. It will be worth to note that majority of the audience are women and it has a significant number of individuals from minority communities. Putting this in mind, the HR vice president will have to avoid any comments that can be perceived to be discriminative in terms of race, religion or gender. The language used should be one that upholds cultural and gender diversity so that the new employees from minority groups can feel motivated to join this organization (Simons, 2002). Considering that the audience is a made up of both very young and older individuals, the HR vice president will ensure that his presentation is not too long so that it tires the audience, the presentation will be as short as possible emphasizing on the major things that the new employees need to grasp in order to successfully work with the organization while the details will be given in the handouts. In order to break the monotony of the presentation and retain the audience concentration, the HR vice president will also use visual aids.

Since the audience consists of completely new employees who are not familiar with the organization, the HR vice present will have to explain and emphasize on the organization’s goals and vision, culture and values, and its mission (Rynes, Brown, & Colbert, 2002). these things are important as the will guide the employees during their time with the organization in that their work will be directed towards achieving the organization’s mission, vision and goals within its culture while maintaining its values. The HR will also have to present the code of conduct of the organization so that the employees understand how they are expected to behave right from the very start (Rynes, Brown, & Colbert, 2002). Considering that a majority of the employees have no corporate experience, while a number of them hold higher positions, the HR vice present will have to thoroughly research on corporate culture so that he explains to the inexperienced employees in a comprehensive way that will enable them to understand while those that are at upper level will acknowledge that he understands what he is talking about and that they are in the right place.

The fact that the audience has disabled members will require the HR vice president to appropriately set the sitting arrangement. The individual with hearing disability will have to sit at the front where they can easily use the visual aids such as projectors to understand what is being communicated. The employee in a wheel chair will also have to be assigned a position that enables them to easily move around when they need to. It will be important to acknowledge these individuals as a way of showing that the organization cared about its employee’s welfare.

Managerial communication requires the HR vice president to use language that is effective as what he says counts a lot. The HR vice president will also have to apply language diversity in his speech and presentation because of the fact that not al of the audience share his language or cultural diversity (Rynes, Brown, & Colbert, 2002). The language used should also be that one of leadership. The HR vice president should strive to be inspiring and transformative. The presented should be goal oriented. It should instil confidence in the audience and motivate them. Language should be used to create a vision that is compelling and the organizational culture (Rynes, Brown, & Colbert, 2002). The HR vice president’s behaviour during the presentation should be professional and inspiring as what one does counts a lot. The HR vice president will also have to communicate employee competencies and emphasize on the importance of career development.


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