Managment Supervisor Hr Tqm Essay

Managment Supervisor Hr Tqm Essay

… way people interact and work in organizations, it is a context-dependent program, the success of which may depend, to a large extent, on factors such as organizational culture, market structure, and organizational structure.

By organizational structure and culture, we are referring to the way in which people in a company work and interact with each other, the level of accountability in the firm and the way each task in under taken and the processes it goes through. Now let us make it clear why organizational structure is to be kept in view when implementing new quality concepts like TQM.There are essentially two most important types of structures known as the control-oriented organizations and flexibility-oriented organization. With control oriented structure, the power of decision making lies in the hands on one central authority usually the manager and his approval is needed by the employees to make a decision and to improve things in their individual units. On the other hand, flexibility-oriented companies are those where individuals are assigned with specific tasks from time to time and are given the authority to make any necessary changes in the system of operation if they feel it can have …

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