Manslow S Hierarchy Of Needs Essay Sample

Manslow S Hierarchy Of Needs Essay Sample

… to Job Satisfaction
In pursuing a job career, people have many and various motivations and needs that they want answered before considering and taking a particular job. In fact, many research studies in the field of social sciences have been conducted in order to particularly identify the motivations and needs that people have and the explanations/reasons behind each decision an individual makes concerning the decision-making process of choosing a job. These studies led to the formulation of Need Theories of Motivation, wherein the psychologist Abraham Maslow had been one of its primary proponents.
Abraham Maslow’s study on …

… Esteem, which the “need for reputation, prestige, and recognition.” Lastly, Self-Actualization need is considered the highest form of need and motivation of an individual, wherein the “desire for self-fulfillment” is achieved by the individual.

It is evident that in analyzing the factors affecting job satisfaction, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can be applied realistically. Take, as an example, a teacher’s career. In an article by Karen Gundal entitled, “Leadership and Job Satisfaction,” the author discusses how the need for self-actualization becomes the primary indicator that tells whether an individual is satisfied with his or her chosen …

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