March Of The Wooden Soilders Essay Sample

March Of The Wooden Soilders Essay Sample

… who has been struggling to show the family his talents, to build them a statue. Taking advantage of the only materials available at the time, snow, Michelangelo built the family a statue in the snow. While the great Lorenzo Medicis son mocked Michelangelo for his efforts, his father was pleased and heartbroken with the work because he alas nothing so beautiful should fade away (Roberts 2000, …

… time. However, there are other pieces that have come to modern awareness that have been attributed to Michelangelo and accepted as his work.
One small piece of work , according to Rosenbaum (1996), a wooden crucifix of Christ has been attributed to Michelangelo. While he usually worked in marble, and created well defined and created bodies, the crucifix has a slim body, but still fits with the confines …

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