Marginalization Of Homeless Essay Example

Marginalization Of Homeless Essay Example

… color currently organizing against the Rainbow who are not aligned with the Right?) Will fiercely homophobic people of color serve the interests of people-of-color communities? Those aligned with the Right will not. Afro-Puerto Rican lesbian: Another complication in this Children of the Rainbow fight is the marginalization of many lesbian and gay people of color in their communities. How do you do effective grassroots work when many of us have isolated ourselves (physically, emotionally, politically) from our folk? We have to ally with our Latino and Black brothers and sisters to do anti-homophobia work in people …

… of the isolation, fear and self loathing this hostility can cause, young lesbian, gay and bisexual people are three times more likely to seriously consider suicide than their heterosexual peers. They are also more likely to smoke, drink to excess, be involved with conflict with peers and parents, become homeless and leave school early.

Much of the discrimination and abuse which lesbian, gay and bisexual people experience in their lives occurs at school. According to a recent survey of 300 students at Hobarts Elizabeth College 16% of students admitted to verbally or physically abusing other students because they thought …

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