Maria The Wrongs Of Woman Essay Sample

Maria The Wrongs Of Woman Essay Sample

… of the television show “Cybill,” titled “Going Out with a Bang.”
Humor comes in a variety of forms; from raunchy to subtle to just plain laugh out loud funny. The television show “Cybill,” still in syndication, succeeds as a comedy for several reasons. First, the women in the audience tend to identify with the characters and their problems, so they laugh in identification …

… on the show she is working on, “Major Milo.” Women often discuss men and their size relative to their feet, but in a humorous twist, the man comments on the size of the woman’s feet, “Well, so Cybill, you know what they say about a woman with big feet” (Cybill). It is funny because it is a twist, and because women know they wonder about men, …

… which makes it more amusing. “See, Dad, isn’t it therapeutic to act really really childish? Hee hee” (Cybill).

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