Marijuana And The Effects Essay Example

Marijuana And The Effects Essay Example

… 2000), are appalled at the very idea of legalizing any such substance. To illustrate the problems regarding this issue, two opposing articles regarding the legalization of marijuana are considered.

The core of the marijuana problem lies in its controversy. There is a wide variety of diverse opinions on both sides of the scale. All these opinions also appear equally valid. Bergman for example mentions that some use …

… painkillers, he warns that it is decidedly unwise to make it generally available. Lytle uses the Bible to show that it is essentially against the will of God to use marijuana for the main purpose of getting high. Instead the Christian is advised to be filled with Gods word and Spirit instead.
Particularly of interest is where the two authors agree in their writing. On the …

… the theory that pot acts as a gateway to harder drugs has been widely discredited. (Bergman, 2003).
In Lytles article this is in turn countered with an argument regarding the long-term effects of the drug:
There are important questions about marijuanas long-term physiological and psychological risks, particularly for troubled youth and other vulnerable members of society. (Lytle, 2000).

The wide variety of diverse …

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