Marijuana Legalization Paper Essay Sample

Marijuana Legalization Paper Essay Sample

… the Bible to show that it is essentially against the will of God to use marijuana for the main purpose of getting high. Instead the Christian is advised to be filled with God’s word and Spirit instead.
Those who advocate the free use of marijuana argue that the legalization of marijuana would allow society to divert resources from the investigation, prosecution, and punishment, of drug offenders and use these resources for more productive ends. This would also eliminate the overcrowding of the prison system, reduce the profits received by organized crime from illegal drug sales, reduce drug-related crime …

… due to contaminants.

On the other hand opponents to the legalization of marijuana argue that: marijuana serves as a gateway drug and that users of marijuana are more likely to consume more dangerous drugs. It seems that there are known health hazards associated with marijuana consumption, the consumption of marijuana lowers worker productivity and may result in negative externalities when consumed before driving a car or when consumed by airline pilots, train engineers, nuclear power plant operators, and other workers.

Many doctors who have been advocating the legalization of marijuana contend that restricting the drug is of no use because …

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