Marine Biologist Duties Essay Sample

Marine Biologist Duties Essay Sample

… with shooting down incoming Scud missiles. Navy women could not serve aboard combat ships like destroyers, but they were on support ships that provided combat logistical support during the gulf operations. Female members of the Marine Corps were also banned from combat. However, 170 female leathernecks of the 2nd Marine Support Group were stationed in the desert, near the Kuwaiti border when the ground attacks began. As then assistant secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb observed, “Just because you’re not in a combat unit does not mean you won’t be in combat.”
In fact, analysts observed that the concept …

… and promotion. Before Operation Iraqi Freedom, a survey from the Rand Corporation found that of the 47,544 combat-related positions open to women, only 815 were actually staffed by women.
Despite such concerns, there is still reason to believe that women will continue to gain wider and higher duties in the military. Furthermore, the growing role of technology in warfare has also helped level the playing field, allowing women to compensate for the lesser physical strength. As former Navy Secretary John Dalton noted, “the military of the future will…optimize smart weapons and stealth technology as combatants engage each …

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