Marital Discord Definition Essay Sample

Marital Discord Definition Essay Sample

, job design, and work stress. (Robbins, 1996, p. 10)
b) The definition goes on to explain that OB “investigates the impact of individuals, groups, and structure..” This means that three distinct factors—the individuals, the groups, and the structure—impact behavior within organizations.
c) Finally, as stated in our definition of OB, we apply the knowledge gained about the individuals, groups, and structure to study its effect on the organizational behavior in order to make organizations work more effectively. Making the organizations more effective is, of course, the overall objective of studying Organizational Behavior (OB).
Further Observations
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… gained to make organizations work more effectively.
Another key aspect of our definition of OB is that it differentiates between the individual, group and structure level behavior. This acknowledges the fact that each individual (especially when he/ she enters an organization) is different because of characteristics like age, gender, marital status, values, attitudes, and basic ability. At the same time it is true that the behavior of people in groups is more than the sum total of each individuals behavior. Similarly, the structural (or organizational) level behavior goes beyond just individual or group behavior. (Robbins, 1996, p. 28-30)

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