Marketing Discussion

Marketing Discussion

Is there any marketing in politics?

Yes there is marketing in politics. They utilize both internet marketing strategies and non internet strategies during campaign and even during active service in office. The internet marketing strategies includes the use of website which is the most widely used of them all, it is developed in such a way to attract the viewer and it contains the manifesto of the contesting candidate. others includes: the use of blogs, search engine optimization in which the candidate will register his or her personality on a well known search engine so that when any name related to the candidate’s name is searched, the search engine will make the campaign website of such candidate first on the list. Networking through social media like facebook, his and many more also help in propagating the intentions of the contesting candidates.

The non-internet marketing strategies in politics are through the television adverts, radio adverts and prints. In fact, it can be generally stated that all politics is marketing. Every contestant in the politics will have to market and brand himself, before he can gain the acceptance of the entire populace. He has to present himself as an indispensable commodity needed for a visible change. ‘Politics has adopted all the tools of modern merchandising — advertising, polling, telemarketing and demographic targeting’ (Robert, 2004). In political conventions, various adverts are being adopted by the contestant employing the use of screens projectors and many other gadgets to market themselves in politics.

Should there be?

Yes there is a need for marketing in politics, this is because it allows people to know the capability of the candidate they are voting for, it also increase the standard expected of the contesting candidate. Although, it can make the contestant to paint a false image of themselves, it help it shaping their actions and open them up for criticisms.


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