Media Impartiality: Does It Exist?

Media Impartiality: Does It Exist?

What is the true measure of the so-called “media impartiality”? Are media outlets not bias on their views as it should be? Say, Fox News views on a certain topic, can its viewers really tell the truth about the things that they hear and see on various media networks ? Are these stuff relayed to the public fair and balanced as far as the concerned individuals or groups or entities are concerned? Judging the network’s bias or unbiased approach is not easy.

How can the staff of Fox News tell they are not bias at all? There are a lot of factors that should be considered first. Moreover, some of the factors causing a certain media outlet to be NOT balanced and NOT unbias generally include the following:

  1. Consideration of the media outlet’s owner(s);

  2. Political situation; and

  3. The anchor person’s or the newscaster’s personal perception

The above factors are strong enough to sway a certain media outlet’s presentation of a certain news or idea. Why the owners/major stockholders should be considered a big factor? It is because of the fact that whether we like it or not, a media outlet is still a business entity and in a way or another, some considerations for profits or at least for it to continue to operate sometimes may compromise the way the facts, news or ideas are delivered.

Political situation is another pressing factor that is obviously affecting how the news outlet presents their ideas. Power is such a big consideration to present a news or an idea. It is observable that a media outlet may hold back certain information due to political influence, intimidation or at times, for the safety of the general public as well (i.e., to prevent panic from the public or to regulate a situation),

The way the news caster or the host of a certain media outlet’s program present something is influenced by him or herself on the very first place. Thus, it is also important to consider that person’s background, affiliations, and many other things.

Michael Savage’s radio program, The Savage Nation, has became a great success courtesy of the independent-minded individualist, Michael Savage, who ”fits no stereotype” (The Savage, 2009) . The host is known to have attacked big government entities as well as various liberal media bias. What is likable in his approach is the fact that Michael speaks out the fact, or at least what he believes to be the fact, no matter what it is, no matter how hurtful and dangerous that fact/news/idea can be. This is what the audience love in the host.

Although Michael’s ideals are so conservative, people see that he is true to what he believes and speak them out. Unlike the rest of the media outlets that they are indifferent to what they really feel so long as they can continue to operate and/or to gain power and profits. The pressures of the factors affecting traditional media outlets, as discussed above, are so strong that not so many are able to escape these factors, thus, they are forced to be bias in their presentation of facts at times.

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