Medical Uses Of Steroids Essay

Medical Uses Of Steroids Essay

People of all societies and nationalities take drugs for different purposes ranging from spiritual to medical to recreational. They have certain benefits provided they are taken in calculated quantities. However when these drugs are taken in immeasurable quantities, i.e. when they are not used but abused, they not only have deleterious effects for a short time but also prove to be fatal in the long run.
Drugs can be disturbed into different categories: stimulants, steroids, depressants or hallucinogens etc. All drugs known to us fall into one of these categories. For instance, Marijuana falls into group …

… of body heat and muscular co-ordination to disruption with digestive system to less intense physical sensations, stupor and possible death. It can affect the unborn fetus too. It causes both physical and mental dependence. Prolonged use of large quantities can lead to amnesia, confusion and mutation of personality.
Steroids are basically famous for their performance-enhancing properties and thus have been illegally used by athletes since 1950s. Medically, they are used to treat particular kinds of cancer and anemia. In the long run, these drugs can cause destructive and violent behavior. Users also may suffer from paranoid jealously, extreme …

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