Medieval Crime An Punishment Essay Sample

Medieval Crime An Punishment Essay Sample

… police? I couldn’t imagine what Tony would have done if I had informed the authorities. It occurred to me that I could plead for mercy. I felt like I was back in Medieval England begging at the feet of the King – just this king was a ginger-haired FBI agent. Still, ‘whenever an agent of law enforcement is faced with a choice between measures which he …

… Collins returned with a female officer, and she escorted me to a cell. I was alone. Alone with my thoughts- alone with a terrible mattress and my orange-dyed overalls. This alone was punishment enough. This alone, left with my mind and an uncertain future, was enough to make me change my ways, even though I had no ways to change. I was a good person. I …

… to prove to myself that I was a good-person, and had learned something from this experience.
Collins smiled. Perhaps he too was relieved.
“Yeah, but you’re still an accessory to the crime. You still have to be punished.” He grinned at me as we walked back into the gray room before adding, “Mercifully of course.”

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